Commanderie de Grande-Bretagne
de la Confrérie des Chevaliers du Sacavin d’Anjou

The Commaderie de Grand Bretagne was formed in 1969 as part of an international expansion of la Confrérie des Chevaliers d’Anjou, one of the earliest of the French wine orders, established in Angers on the river Loire.

Based in the United Kingdom, we are a group of wine lovers with a special interest in the wines of the Loire Valley, along its entire length from Sancerre in the east to Muscadet in the west. Moreover, it is the wines of Anjou which, for us, have particular significance.

We believe that wine is best enjoyed with good food. We meet about four times a year, generally in London, to dine and wine together, the highlight being our Chapitre at the Vintners Hall in November, at which new members are inducted into the order. A Wine Challenge dinner is usually held in the late winter where, in a blind tasting, we try to identify various Loire wines and compare them with wines from other regions of France or further afield.

Our interest also extends to the emergent British wine industry, with occasional gastronomic weekends, visiting producers in various parts of the country. Beer production, cider, mead, and even spirits have at times also been the objective of such excursions.

However, the Loire is the focus of our interest in wine and every two years a week-long trip is organised to one or other of the producing areas of the Loire Valley, to sample its wines, food and culture and to visit a number of vignerons. At times, we also join our French colleagues at their own Chapitre des Vendanges, held each October in the medieval Grenier St-Jean, Angers.

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